Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby Girl Burton

It is a good time to start chronicling our life since Melanie and I are expecting a baby in a couple months. We are excited and doing everything we can to prepare for her arrival. We have a crib, clothes, toys, but we can't seem to find a name. So for now she is called Baby Girl Burton. If anyone has any suggestions for a name I would ask you to write them down on a piece of paper then crumple that up and throw it in the trash because we have already seen them all. We have a book that is thicker then my Bible with just baby names in it and we can't find a name out of that. Melanie has gone all the way through it highlighting the names she likes. I made it through the B's and I am trying to get the motivation to keep going. She might graduate from college with "Baby Girl Burton" written on her diploma.

As best as I can tell Melanie is doing well. She is still working full time as an ER nurse which I know isn't easy, but she never complains. It is funny because from behind you can't tell she is pregnant but when she turns to the side it is obvious.

As for me I have applied to medical school and I am just waiting to hear back. The process is long and I will be glad when it is all over. Our life is in limbo right now so I can't tell you what we are expecting in the future. Right now we are just sort of waiting for the next big thing.

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