Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Ready to Move

We finally have a place to live in Arizona and we are getting excited to move. Finding that apartment has been a long process with a couple of bumps along the way. Since we are over 1000 miles from where we want to live we relied heavily on the internet while we looked.

After a few weeks of searching the internet we thought we found the perfect. It was close to campus, a good price, the pictures looked nice, and they accepted dogs. We called them and like all apartment complexes they assured us we could get the apartment if we got all of our information in with the next 2 minutes because these apartments were going fast. Our decision making abilities were a little hindered because I had just finished a 7 day stretch of night shifts and Melanie wasn't feeling well so we decided that we had to get all our info to them ASAP. I spent the next three hours trying to fax them the information, which never did end up working, so I finally overnighted all of the paper work. This ended up being a huge mistake.

Luckily some friends, Tyler and Jessica Pace, live down in Arizona and were kind enough to check out the apartment complex (thanks Jessica) we also found some online reviews that pretty much told us the place was a slum. We put a stop payment on the check and started looking again. We eventually found another apartment that we are happy with and are looking forward to moving there.

So now we are packing boxes and organizing the move. It is a little tricky to pack up boxes when most of what we need to pack is in the same room as our napping daughter but we are slowly getting there.

We are looking forward to starting this next phase of our life and excited for the coming challenges.

As for Grace she is doing well. She is rolling like a champ and now loves eating rice cereal. She is also a big fan of Alicia Keys which so we listen to that before we put her down for naps. It is amazingly calming and really cute. As soon as I turn on Alicia she gets a big smile and settles down. She is as cute as ever and we are loving being her parents.

As always here are a couple pics of our cute daughter.

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