Monday, July 28, 2008

Update with pictures

Ben is doing a better post than this but I wanted to do a quick update with pictures. Here we are as a family in front of our apartment.

We started green veggies with Grace and she is definitely not a fan. Here is the progression of her first experience with green beans.

Here are Ben and Grace with his Father's day gift, Ben loves to hike so we plan to take Grace out when it's not over 100 degrees everyday.
My parents were here helping us with the move and we couldn't have done it without them. Here's my mom, me and Grace the day my mom went home

Here is Grace's first trip to the swimming pool.

Grace has discovered that she loves to drink from cups.


Eileen Curran said...

Grace is so beautiful! It looks like you guys are having fun! What a good looking family:-)

Verenice said...

Looks like things are going well. Keep us posted Melanie because I am sure Ben isn't going to have too much time.

Jenn and Dave said...

Grace's green bean pictures are priceless. It's good to see you guys are all doing well!