Saturday, August 29, 2009

We made it to Oregon!!

Ok so we've been in Oregon for a while now and we are loving it. We are so close to family and friends, it's been really fun catching up with everyone.
Ben started school this week and it looks like it's going to be a great year. The clinic he'll be working at is actually the clinic he would like to work for when he finishes residency. Grace is loving it here, she has an endless amount of people who want to play with her, whether it's a grandparent, aunt, or cousin. I've started work again in the Emergency room just a few hours a week and that has been good. I enjoy the challenge and Grace gets to stay with her Grandma or her Aunt so it's great. Here are a few pictures. The first is of Ben and Grace when we went to Sunriver with my family. Grace loved the bicycles.

Grace looking cool in her shades

Grace loves our backyard and being outside

Grace figured out the doggie door in about one minute


Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

She is so adorable!! We miss sitting behind you guys at church! She always made smile!!

Jessica Duff said...

Grace is so cute and getting so BIG!

I'm jelous, I wish we could move to Oregon, Congrats!

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Glad you guys are happy! Even if leaving made me.. unhappy! :(

Dani said...

Welcome back!! Glad you are enjoying it! We are moving in two weeks- what horrible timing!

the Nichols said...

Welcome back to Oregon!