Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missing Friends

I have recently added Google Analytics to our blog to see who is visiting our site regularly and luckily so far there aren't any concerning trends. We had a weird day where someone from Brazil visited our blog 8 or 9 times and people from all over looking for Tres Leche Cake receipts, but aside from that everything looks like it is just friends. I was actually surprised to see how many people are visiting our blog and realized that we must have some friends from years ago that have found us. Our problem is this, we have no way to get back in touch these old friends.

So here is my plan; if you are an old friend that managed to track us down please send us an email.

The email address is

I realize that posting my email address on this site opens it up to massive spamming so I am using my spam email account. This is the account I use to take online IQ tests, sign up for free newsletters, etc. so it already receives about 30 spams a day. This also means it may take some time for me to get back in touch since I only check the account about once a week and there is a lot of junk to sift through, but hopefully it will give us a way to find some of our old friends.

Specifically I am looking for the Byrds, the Snows, and possibly the Campbells. I am pretty sure all three of you have found us but we don't know how to get back in touch with you, so shoot us an email if you are still checking in on our site. If there is anyone else that wants to get/give some more contact info please send an email as well.

I would post some cute pictures of Grace but Melanie already posted the best ones below. I was also thinking about posting some of the most interesting images from my medical school lectures, but I am afraid I will look like a crazy person since most of them involve internal organs. So I will leave it with just this.

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Lindsay said...

cute pics - grace is getting so big! and thanks for not posting your lecture pics, ben! =)
lindsay & the boys