Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye Uncle Johnny

Last week we found out that my Uncle Johnny had passed away in his home due to a major heart attack. This was quite a shock since he's only 50 and has never been diagnosed with heart problems. If you scroll down you can see that my family lost my Uncle Patrick about 6 months ago as well. So needless to say it feels like too much to lose both my Uncles on my Mom's side within 6 months of each other. Yesterday was the Primary Program in our ward and the theme was My Eternal Family, I am the teacher for the 6 year olds so I was sitting with them. The spirit was so strong and my emotions became so intense during the program, I had to sit out most of sharing time to regain composure to teach the 3rd hour. The part that stood out to me was one of the songs' chorus said this "God gave us family to help us become what He wants us to be. This is how He shows His love--- for the family is of God." I can't imagine my life without my Uncles they have been such a blessing. Although neither of my Uncles were great at keeping in touch I always knew they loved me and supported me. My Uncle Johnny always made holidays and celebrations so fun. He was always making people laugh and loosen up. There was one time where he drove me from Coos Bay to Medford or maybe the other way around, anyways it was between my grandparents houses. The ride was so fun I think I was about 16 and he talked to me about a girl he liked, and how to tell if someone is a good driver, and various other things. My little Grace loved Uncle Johnny even though she didn't get to see him much she would always go to him and smile at him which if you know Grace is not very common. I will miss him greatly. I pray that my Uncles are at peace and that they are together. Good bye and I love you Uncle Johnny


Jen said...

Mel! That is such sad new. I am So sorry. I'll call you soon.

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Melanie.. I am so sorry to hear about loosing another Uncle! That makes me so sad for you!