Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow it's been a long time

Here are some pictures from Christmas and other recent favorites.

Grace loves her tricycle

Here she is in her new bathrobe from her Aunt Janelle

This is Grace's sassy face

Grace laying in her new cradle with her new baby

Our most recent family picture...not the best but it will do.

As for us we are doing well. Ben is busy in school but he still likes it. It's Gracie's 2nd birthday today and she is doing great. She is very busy, very sweet and such a joy even when she's being sassy. She has graduated to a big girl bed and it seems to be going well. I am busy with work and other projects but I still love being a mom and love being in Oregon near our family. Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to be better with posts.


The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

YaY! An update! I am so sorry Mel, I need to call you!

So happy to see pictures of cute little Grace! Seeing pictures makes me miss her! Why did you have to move! :(

Stephanie and Jay said...

Grace is so cute! I love the pic of her in the new little cradle. So funny! You all look great!