Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What do you really want from your doctor?

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Verenice said...

It depends. If it is for my kids, I want my doctor to listen to me. I once had a NP be really rude to me because she thought I just wanted medication for my kids and she apparently didn't like that. But, I just wanted her to listen to my concerns and yeah, frankly, if I was going to pay for this appointment, I wanted her to give me something for the kids to make them better. I mean, who wants to go home with a sick kid and with nothing to help them? Most of the time when we go to the doctor we know what we want and it is frustrating to be told you don't have anything. I like it too when a doctor is sympathetic. My best pediatrician always listened to me and worked hard to make that personal connection with me and my kids. She never thought I was stupid, but when I needed to change something that I was doing she would tell me too. But at that point because she had developed the relationship I respected her opinion and did what she suggested.
My personal doctor that I LOVED was a gyno and she was good at being my coach. Granted she delivered Eli (well, kind of, since I had a student and a resident in the room) but she was good and coaching me through the labor and empowering me. Afterwards when I went to see her for postpartum, again, she was good about asking me personal things about me and Eli and making that connection with me.

It is nice to be in and out, but I think what we really want is not to wait forever to "see" the doctor. Once they are in the room we want to feel like a patient and not a number. Man, this was a long comment. Sorry if it's random. Just some thoughts. Good luck. Bottom line, you can't please everyone.

Ksenia said...

I agree with Verenice. I have been to a doctor with a health issue (broken toe) once in the last 5 or 6 years. But I have been to an OB or pediatrician many many times. I hate waiting in the waiting area for 20, 30, or even 40 minutes, getting into the room, waiting some more (especially love this part if I'm naked in a robe or if I'm trying to contain a toddler) and then the doc comes and types on his computer for the whole five minutes I talk, then says something, and says goodbye, all in 10 minutes.

No way. I want him to listen to me, to talk to me, to sound like he knows something about what I'm saying or at least ask questions in a way that make him seem like he wants to know what it is that's bothering me. My OB and pediatrician sometimes throw in personal stories/ experiences -- I like that (they are quick, of course).

I think that if you are too fast, even if you're right about the diagnosis, most patients will be frustrated, or at least annoyed.

anyway, that's my bit. :) You'll be a great doctor though because you're good at connecting with people and you're a personable guy.